Otaika Valley School Enrolment ZoneWelcome to Otaika Valley School. We understand that choosing the right school for your child(ren) is very important and therefore encourage you to contact the school to arrange a meeting with the principal.  Walking around the school observing children and teachers interacting can give you valuable information and a feel for a school, so that you can make the right choice.

Otaika Valley School is open to any child living within our home zone (who meets the criteria of a domestic student) as governed by the Ministry of Education approved enrolment scheme. A copy of the enrolment scheme is available from the school office.

Home zone

All students who live within the home zone described below*(and shown on the attached map) shall be entitled to enrol at the school.

  • Starting at Hewlett Road (properties on Hewlett Road excluded), the zone travels north on SH 1, including properties on both sides of the highway.  The zone travels up Springfield Road with properties on Springfield Road and all roads off Springfield Rd included until the intersection with Salmond Road (properties on Salmond Road excluded).
  • The zone continues north along SH1 including properties on both sides of the highway. It travels up Mangapai Road, including properties on both sides and properties on all roads of Mangapai Road, until it meets the intersection with Ormandy Road (properties on Ormandy Road excluded). 
  • The zone continues north along SH1 including properties on both sides of the highway. It travels up Maungakaramea Road including all properties on both sides of the road and roads off  Maungakaramea Road until 410 Mangakaramea Road (included).
  • The zone continues north along SH1 including properties on both sides of the highway. It travels up Portland Road (all properties on both sides of the road included) until it reaches Old Stone Road.  It travels to the end of Old Stone Road (properties on the west only included), then overland to the coast so as to include properties on Oaks Road.
  • Continuing north along SH1 the zone then travels along Loop Road and Otaika Valley Road including properties on both sides of these roads and all roads off these roads until it reaches the Cemetery Road intersection (properties on Cemetery Road excluded.)
  • The zone continues north along SH1 including properties on both sides of the highway and finishes at Toetoe Road (properties on Toetoe Road included).

What if we live out of zone?

If you live outside this zone you can make an out of zone application for your child, and places for out of zone children will be selected by ballot. The Board of Trustees decide each year how many places (if any) will be available for out of zone students at each year level, taking into account existing and projected rolls. For further information please contact our school office 09 4322731.

What is the enrolment process?

When your child turns four please contact the school and complete a pre-enrolment form, which you can download here.  While this doesn’t commit you to enrolling your child, it enables us to plan ahead.
Around six weeks before your child turns five, our teacher in charge of New Entrant liaison will contact you to organise three visits to the school before your child starts.

You will need to complete an enrolment form before your child is officially enrolled and eligible to start. Children can start on the day they turn five.

When do I apply for out of zone enrolment?

If in doubt contact the school.  In September of each year the out of zone enrolment process is actioned for the following year.  The Board advertises how many places are available at each student year level.  Successful applicants in the September enrolment period have their places confirmed for the following year.

Important:  If you miss the out of zone enrolment period your child will not be able to start at the beginning of the next year.  If in doubt contact the school principal to check your child(ren’s) eligibility. 

Second Enrolment Period

If you miss the previous years enrolment process and are out of zone the board can advertise for more places.  This process takes time and may exclude students for most of the first term of the year.  In the new year when all students have returned to school and class numbers are confirmed, the Board of Trustees meets to decide if there are any places available.  This means there may be a place for your child.  It is always best to ring and discuss your specific circumstances with the principal.