Otaika Valley School After School Care Programme

Our After School Care Programme is run as a service to our school community.  Therefore it is only available to students of Otaika Valley School.  This programme is run and managed by the school, therefore any communications should be through the school office.


3pm – 5:30pm.
Children collected after 5:30pm will incur a late fee of $20.  Your child/children need to be picked up by 5:25pm.  For the safety of the supervisor in the evening, the last parent is to wait with the supervisor while they lock and alarm the school and return to their vehicle.


$3 per half hour, this includes afternoon tea (This is not optional).
Then $3 per half hour to the nearest half hour thereafter.


Parents/caregivers will complete an After School Care Programme enrolment at the school office.   Children must be enrolled before attending.


To operate efficiently there are rules set in place that cover:
Treatment of each other
Treatment of staff and school equipment
Boundaries of play
Appropriate language

Children and staff will be expected to sign an After School Care Programme Behaviour and Expectation Contract before attending.  Failure to follow these expectations will result in the child being removed from the service at the discretion of the Principal and Board of Trustees.

Reminding Children:

It is important you remind your child/ren at the beginning of the day that they are attending After School Care so they know what is happening.

Signing Out:

Whoever picks up the child/ren must ensure that they sign the child/ren out at the end of the day.

Collecting Children:

If a person arrives to collect your children whose name does not appear on your enrolment form, staff may not release them until you have been contacted for consent.  To avoid embarrassment please notify the school or programme of any change.  Please remember the programme closes at 5:25pm and that last parent is to wait while the supervisor locks and alarms the school.


No one outside of the approved supervisors, parents or those nominated on enrolment forms will be allowed access to children during the programme times without previous written permission from the parents/caregivers/principal.

It is a legal requirement for schools and childcare centres to report allegations or evidence of child abuse to the appropriate authorities.

  • If the child is unwell the parent, then emergency contact will be rung to collect their child.
  • The supervisor is required to hold a current First Aid Certificate.


To be made weekly or fortnightly.  Payment to be made to Otaika Valley School Account: ASB 12 3115 0198137 000. Please put the child’s surname and ‘ASC’ (after school care) as the reference.

To book:

Phone the school office to leave a message before 12:00 noon on the day requesting a/sch care 432 2731.


If cancelling on the day, please phone the school before 12 noon.  If you have not phoned before 12 noon a minimum of $5.50 will be charged.

Overdue Accounts:

At 2 weeks overdue accounts will be sent. At 4 weeks a second letter will be sent with a late fee of $20 for overdue fees/administration.  If not paid within 7 days the account will be forwarded to a credit company.


If you can, speak directly to the supervisor to sort out any issues.  If not, speak to the school principal or BOT committee member, or put your complaint in writing to the Principal.  Complaints will follow existing procedures set out for school complaints.