How to report an absence

  • Please ring 432 2731 and choose option 1 (Report An Absence)
  • Please state the student’s name, room number and reason for absence.
  • Alternatively you can text the same information to 022 370 44 73


Student attendance is to be monitored carefully.  All teachers must fill in the attendance register on etap in the morning and after each break.  The Office Administrator contacts parents of absent children to record explanation of absence. Up to date contact between home and school must be established to ensure there is an explanation for the absence.

  • Absentee notes are required or a telephone call or email from the parent will suffice.  The office is to be advised of all absences (who will in turn advise staff of absence messages received at the office)
  • Parents are to be advised frequently by newsletter that a note or phone call is needed to explain absences, and that in case of absence likely to exceed a day or two the school should be advised at the time of absence.
  • If a child returns without notification of absence within a day or two (may be verbal or written), the Principal is to be advised so that further action may be taken.
  • Teachers are to inform the Principal should a child arrive late regularly who will inform the parents or if necessary inform the truancy Officer.
  • In the case of unexplained absences of more than 3 days, please notify the Principal and Senior Staff (possibly for referral to the Truancy Officer if appropriate).
  • When a pattern of unexplained absence is apparent from perusal of the weekly summary sheets the Principal will decide what action is required.
  • If persistent ill health is causing frequent absence the Public Health Nurse will be advised.  Where social or emotional problems are involved the Resource Teacher of Learning Behaviour (RTLB) or a Psychological Service may be consulted. If attendance problems cannot be resolved through the above measures the B.O.T. is to be advised so that the Truancy Officer may deal with the situation.

Legislation governing attendance

Schools (boards, principals, and individual teachers), along with parents and guardians, are responsible for making sure students attend school regularly. Under Section 25 and section 31 of the The Education Act 1989, every school board must take all reasonable steps to make sure students attend school when it is open. Although there are some practical requirements, including maintaining a daily attendance register, it is up to individual schools to identify the scope of ‘all reasonable steps’ in their attendance policies. School boards must give support when attendance issues arise.